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Sean HymanSean Hyman
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This is a ploy by the World Economic Forum and others to take advantage of a likely planned pandemic that would impoverish many so that governments could take more control of their people and by moving into socialism.

However, 1) If Trump remains in…this will be harder to institute, which is why they’ve conjured up those fraudulent votes to try to get him out. If Biden gets in, no doubt, they’d be able to institute something like this with ease.

Would it be horrible for America? Yes. Would it be horrible for those who don’t save and invest but only consume? Of course. But do those who invest have to be destitute because of it? Heck no. Why? Even in socialist societies there are still stock markets running. There are companies going up and companies going down. And no matter what causes good, solid companies to go down (pandemics, recessions, being out of favor temporarily with investors, etc.), there will always be opportunities to find pockets of value and that’s what our system is designed to do.

So, as far as investing goes, I don’t fear it at all. Do I hate it if it gets imposed for America? Yes, because I believe it will be bad for our economy and for those on Main Street who don’t learn how to profit from Wall Street.