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Keep in mind too: Most people probably derive their entire paycheck income from a company that isn’t Christian/godly and doesn’t 100% support Christian values.

Also, there are weird modern-day notions in Christianity. For instance, I’ve heard some say that they couldn’t work for an unbeliever or a non-Christian company. Yet Joseph worked for Pharaoh. And it was clear God put him there. He worked for the jailer and Potipher too.

So there are a lot of things swirling around in modern-day Christian circles that aren’t exactly biblical. So, do keep that in mind too.

We can’t expect a non-believing world to act like believers or hold our values. However, it’s our job to increase our wealth and influence and use it for godly purposes.

Back when more of the church tithed and churches were more powerful and more well-off, governments and groups didn’t dare mess with them. However, today, we live in a world where many churches are having to shut their doors due to a lack of funding and much of that comes from a lack of biblical obedience from its congregation. It’s not the world shutting them down as much as it is the lack of obedience to God’s word from its members.

So, when believers do what they know they should do, they can believe for God’s hand of favor to be on them and for the kingdom of God to be advanced through them. Part of the way you’ll do that is through investing prudently, like we do through the LI system. You may or may not be able to determine if you get a paycheck raise this year or next year. But you can determine this year if you buy a stock that yields a 3%-5% dividend yield annually (which is a pay raise). You can determine if you use our system over long periods of time to advance your wealth. And as you do, wealth is empowerment because more wealth brings about more choices for you, your lineage, your church, etc.