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If you look into most any large company, you’ll find that most all of them do something or give to something that we don’t believe in. So if that were your criteria, you’d have nothing quality to invest in. You couldn’t invest in most mutual funds or ETFs for the same reasons.

So where can you draw the line? With the ones that actually produce products or deliver services that are bad for people or are immoral.

Make your money from prudent investments and then allocate part of those gains toward the kingdom of God through your local church.

But the cars, you likely drive, many of the products you already buy, if you researched them enough, you’d find that most of them give to something that we don’t believe in. Why? Because we live in a fallen world, run by largely non-Christians that don’t hold our values.

And when you invest in a company, the company doesn’t get that cash unless it was in the IPO or pre-IPO phase.