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Averaging down zones are always fully known right from the very beginning. And those averaging down zones don’t change. They’re always stated in the recommendation themselves but they’re also in a handy place in the portfolio section, at the bottom of each monthly newsletter.

So you enter your first tranche at the market as long as its below the buy-at-or-below price. And you can immediately set buy limit orders (good-til-canceled) at the other two tranche levels from from the very beginning. Limit orders watch the market for you. You don’t even have to watch for it. Your broker can show you how to put in these orders and they can tell you how long their good-til-canceled orders last for.


Make sure you’ve got the cash residing in your account for if the other two limit orders were to fill. And as long as you’ve got that covered…all you have to do is periodically check to make sure your limit order is still on your broker’s books (which you’ll see in your account. Your broker can show you where that’s located on their particular trading platform). These orders may last 60 days or longer, depending on your broker. They can fill you in on all of that.

The beauty of limit orders is that you don’t have to get any emails/alerts, etc. from me. You already know the levels from before you ever place your first order and they do not change. Hope that helps.

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