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HomeBrew: Me either until my web guy suggested it. It was a great suggestion I’d never thought of.

Danny, yes they could. Yet they’d have no insights going forward and would not know what to do with those picks or how to handle the volatility in the interim or know when to close out the positions without the newsletter (for most people). Also, most will be generally honest. So for every one of those you get, you’ll have many more legit people. It’s like when Wal-Mart used to have a return policy for anything, any reason, any time frame, etc. Sure, some people abused the policy. But they became the largest retailer on the planet because most people weren’t that way.

Jeff: Yep, it would be at your discretion how much you bought a gift card and allowed them access. Correct. One could give them a free month, a free year or anything in between. Absolutely.