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Yep, I tell wave counts ahead of time and explain the sentiment with them, so that my subscribers won’t become the prevailing sentiment of that wave. As much as I try, some still forget what I teach. So, thank you for reiterating it.

I’ve also drawn out the path that value stocks take. Most of the time, they go down, then sideways before they go up. But when they go up, they can sometimes rocket higher. Either way, with our averaging down, we can have sizable gains even without an uptrend in the stock.

People get shocked on the downside but for some reason they’re not shocked when the stock pops 12-17% in a day. Hmmmm

I’ve taught about people only being scared by downside volatility. Yet upside volatility is still volatility.

It’s why subscribers need to mutter the things I say on weekly videos over and over again to themselves so that it gets engrained within them. Most investors don’t have someone telling them each week where things are likely to go over the coming months and the sentiment associated with each stage of the process. Subscribers have HUGE edges that they don’t always take full advantage of. I’d venture to bet that the ones that panic in waves C or 2 are also not listening to each weekly video and are probably just skimming the monthly newsletters. Little knowledge in, means you’re more subject to fears/emotionalism. Knowledge is empowerment. Being mindful of that knowledge, even more powerful.