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AvatarLawrence Fura
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Many years ago I had a sharebuilder account. But then they were selling and when I was researching trading fees etc. Ally seemed to come out ahead and I already had a banking relationship so it makes it nice because it is all in one place. I do also have a solo 401K over at fidelity and they seem ok.

But I guess based on your system with average down points and all that it becomes a pain with Ally and somewhat with fidelity because their Good Until Cancelled orders all have expiration dates. Ally is only 60 days. Fidelity is better with 180 days.

But neither one seems to allow you to have multiple outstanding Good Until Cancel orders for the same shares at different price levels.

Sean do you (or anyone else) know for sure if either Ameritrade or Schwab (or someone other big broker) support having multiple Good Until Cancelled Limit Buy orders? and do either actually support having them be truly good until cancelled with no expiration date??

Also can you put in a sell limit order at the same time you have open buy orders. It would be nice to just be able to set all this stuff at once when we first enter a position and just trust that it will execute and wait for the next next average down or hit some ultimate sell point and trigger the sell?