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This seems to be an important theme to manage. It is not only percent allocation to investments but allocation to daily spending like living expenses and vehicles (toys). There are many personal choices. I do not own a muscle car. I do own a turbo diesel ¾ ton pickup truck and a smaller turbo 4-cylindes SUV.

I believe in faithfully following the Logical Investor program following the three tranche ideal. This is the get up every day go to work and follow the boss’ (Sean) instructions to the letter. As my confidence and recourses allow I have increased the dollar amount for new picks as they are issued in the news letter. This is the get up every day go to work and follow the LI plan day job program.

Then there are there things that do not fit the LI model as well; 401K with $SPX500, Dividend Capture, and Options. This stuff is outside the 3-Tranche LI account. The 401K account is separate from but very similar to the 3-Tranche LI program.

Dividend capture and options are different; they are what a plumber would call side jobs. I use a separate account for my side jobs. The amount in my Roth account started out several months ago about equal to about 2 tranches of dollars. So far my Roth account is up 39%. Dividend Capture has worked well. I have not studied or traded options yet.