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I agree with all of the above, BUT, I still believe that Trump will win the presidency based upon what I have believe that I have heard from the Holy Spirit. And I continue to confess this with my tongue. America needs an outpouring of the Spirit before the rapture takes place; which is possible under any president.

I believe that the devil is in the mail in ballots. Why would an overwhelming % of the ballots be for Biden? Why didn’t the Dems. want a witness signature to be required on ballots? Why did many Dems. not even what at least the voters own signature on the ballots? Why did many Dems. not want a valid picture ID to be required at the polls?

I have heard several Dem. leaders say that they guaranteed every single ballot would be counted; but what they did not say is that all legally cast ballots from a legal voter would be counted?

In my mind there is no doubt that some voter fraud is involved.

While I prefer more time be granted to the unsaved before the Rapture, we win in any event. If Biden is sworn in as our president, then I will pack my bags & look to the sky, as I will be going home sooner rather than latter. This election will affect the world not just America.

But I fully acknowledge that God sometimes performs his greatest works under oppressive circumstances.

Peace & love to all.