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Oh, I am sorry if Trump doesn’t win this election, but his chances are slim to none right now. He is like a fish swimming against the stream. I am so glad that he was our President for the last four years. We are and have been blessed with his insights. He has a good heart and loves the United States. He lives at the core of the the reason for the United States coming into being. He loves the People. His ‘draining the swamp’ has dredged up so much, it has almost been insurmountable. The Dems can’t afford to have all exposed. I think that only someone of his caliber could have stood up to the NWO. I am sorry that more people do not see the progression and policies of the NWO and what they want for the populations of the world. Honestly, I am rarely political.
It is a time of having God in your pocket, believing in God, living God. I am so glad to be here on this site with Sean and everyone else. You all remind me of Faith and Hope and Charity in our daily lives. All times are the times of and for the Christ. Especially now because it is so ‘in your face’. I am so grateful that we can talk about these things here. Thank you everyone and God Bless you all.