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The election results won’t likely be known until next week, at best. Pennsylvania’s votes won’t even be fully tallied until “after Friday” according to their AG.

Metals should prosper regardless of who’s in the White House. Why? 1) They’re already in uptrends after many years of being in sideways bases. 2) the dollar is trending lower. 3) metals are trending higher in terms of all major currencies 4) the stock market is overvalued and due for a fall and that will eventually work in the favor of metals. So, who’s president won’t change any of those dynamics.

With that said, you know that 1)I’m more bullish on silver than gold right now. 2) Silver/platinum could still potentially take another leg down before rallying higher into new highs. That remains to be seen.

Most gold stocks like GOLD, NEM, GDX are like GLD in that they’re so stretched away from their major moving averages on their weekly charts, that I’m more bullish on SLV and PPLT than them. I think GOLD, GLD, GDX, NEM, etc. have more potential for downside risks than do SLV especially, and potentially PPLT.

A change of presidents doesn’t change fundamental conditions that can’t sustain themselves, long-term. Therefore, I expect SLV and PPLT to do well over time, no matter who’s in the White House.