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I think market responses to politics are not measurable and there’s no accurate history leaning any certain way. Wall Streeters that try to predict what will happen are usually wrong. So I won’t try to do it either.

The good news is that our system prospers long-term under any administration. We made money under Bush, Obama and now Trump. Why? We bought companies, not politics. People don’t quit buying products or getting the services of good, solid companies that they love doing business with. These companies fill a want or a need of people that’s not likely to change, no matter who’s in office. None of my consumption habits change over who’s in office. If I liked certain foods, restaurants, stores, etc before, I don’t change that just because another person gets into office. So, politics in markets are just a distraction. What matters? Fundamentals, technicals, sentiment. All measurable metrics.

But the Republican party closer aligns to biblical values. Therefore, a Republican president/Congress is better for a country, because the Bible talks about when the righteous rule, the people rejoice.

Nope. The world isn’t coming to an end, even if Biden got in. It would hinder business. Biden is for higher taxes, which are a weight on business and can heighten unemployment. He’d be horrible for high-paying energy jobs, etc. And he’d certainly be bad for the moral fiber of the nation. But America made it through 8 years of Obama and it could make it through a Biden administration too (although I don’t personally think there will be a Biden administration, but I could always be wrong).

The market, in due time, has to correct lower no matter who’s in office due to market overvaluation and it being in a bubble. There’s no party that’s going to ultimately stop the market correction from happening. Overvalued assets always, in time, go back to being undervalued. Undervalued assets, in time, go up to fair value and usually overvaluation at some point. That cycle always happens. It doesn’t matter (as far as that’s concerned) who’s in office.

So why do I care about Trump winning? Because he’s pro-life, pro-Israel, pro-Christian (pro-church), he’s a business man, not a politician and because it’s been refreshing to see someone in office do what they said they’d do. Additionally, he truly is trying to lift up every race. Their employment has done far better under a Trump presidency.