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Not yet. I’d rather that wave C get much more mature than in these early stages. There can be a lot of the drop that can be avoided by sitting on one’s hands. We’re not hurting for yield. Most of our stocks have 3-6% yields, even before any avreraging downs. Our blended yields are even higher than that.

There’s no reason to rush into this one. The better one can get at timing their first entry, the more they can lessen their overall time in the investment. And with where the overall market is going, there’s likely going to be plenty of time to get into one like this at much lower prices to begin with (which also makes for higher starting dividend yields too). There’s nothing technically on the charts that says its even close to their downtrend being over. And it’s been weak, relative to the overall market lately which tells me that they’re selling it, even more than the overall market. Yet another sign of weakness.

With it being so early on in wave C, it should have no problem breaking this first/higher green support zone. It’s the next one under that, that makes a compelling starting entry point. If you see that one happen, let me know.

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