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It’s why focusing on the price is a mistake. Why? Look at the picture when you look at its fundamentals:

It’s a $10 billion company, that has a forward P/E in the 3’s. It made $4.64 billion in earnings last year and has $2.4 billion in cash. Now, they do have $26.68 in debt, which is a problem in the long-run if they don’t reverse it. Additionally though, the stock is grossly undervalue. So once its back to a fairer value, its debt will be in a better ratio to its market cap.

But do I worry about a $10 billion company with a forward P/E of 3 and with $4.64 billion in earnings last year and $2.4 billion in cash on their books? No. And it’s why Buffett doesn’t either.

So, if you worry about your position, I’d say that 1) You likely aren’t evenly distributed, dollar wise, among your positions and have too much in this one stock, OR you’re focusing on the stock price or % down rather than its fundamentals. Where you place your focus makes all the difference in the world.

Also, I’d be the least concerned after its broken a multi-year downtrend line. Hope that helps.

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