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You’re listening and recalling well. Good job!

Yep, gold was far more stretched away from its major moving averages. And margin call selling can weigh upon gold/metals near- to medium-term, at times. And news came out last night that some central banks are selling gold for the first time in like a decade. However, I think those central banks are in a bit of a pinch and kind of have to sell some to get more liquid. Nonetheless, the headline that people read was, “Central Banks are selling gold”, because that’s got more shock value…gets more eyeballs.

Yeah, silver is still way undervalued relative to gold. And the dollar’s downtrend is aiding silver as well. But silver is heading higher overall vs most every major currency, which makes it not just simply an anti-dollar play, but certainly benefits from it.

Yep, until someone gets seasoned, it’s almost better for them to shut their TV off, as it concerns financial news. It’s only once someone gets very seasoned that they can listen with a contrarian ear and not an affirming ear. Also, they’ll need to have deep convictions on why they bought, when the financial media is telling everyone why its such a dumb idea to be in it, and instilling fear. ha-ha.