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With less than 10% of California’s new 2M cars/year sold being electric, we are a long way from meeting the government’s mandate. Look what the green mandates have done to our power grid: PG&E put 2x their resources into renewables at the expense of rebuilding/replacing ancient & unsafe infrastructure resulting in 1921 (almost 100-year-old) power poles starting the Camp (Paradise) Fire (just one of many). As a result, we get weekly warnings that our power may be turned off during fire season. This inaction plus the decision not to cut back undergrowth and limit the lumber industry are the match and fuel of the fires, not climate change, as you’ll constantly hear. I don’t think the state has enough money in its coffers to incentivize consumers to meet its goals even if manufacturers could come up with EVs that would meet the varied needs and cost points of consumers–or the electrical demand (which circles back to us not being able to even meet our current electrical needs). If they penalize, I’m hoping that will be the slap in the face that’s needed.

PG&E, now vilified and bankrupt, was not the cause of the problem: they are a symptom of the cause. I’m praying there will come a time–soon–when we California dreamers will wake up to the craziness out here and vote out those who practice policy-at-any-expense measures long before 2035/45. (That isn’t pie-in-the-sky thinking: almost 2/3s of our governors were red from the 1900s on.)

Rant over. Just tired of the anti-business, unrealistic thinking that happens in my once-golden, native state.