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Yeah, plus, the math just doesn’t work out right now, with such steep dives in the values of electric vehicles. They fall in value faster than gasoline cars. And they can be more expensive to repair. And yes, their range isn’t good enough yet and it takes to long to “fill up” if you do have to recharge on a road trip. They’re getting it quicker. But it’s not as fast as pumping gas.

And it’s not like people can’t find very efficient gas operated cars these days, if that’s what they want. I drive a supercharged Mustang GT these days. So, obviously I’m not shooting for the best gas mileage. I’m shooting for entertainment while I drive. ha-ha. And the sound of those cars are amazing.

So, I’m not anti-electric. My wife owned one for a period. But I’m just saying, right now, one has to buy them because its what they like vs because it makes sense, numbers wise.