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While Trump is doing a great job and doing what he can, while still having to fight part of Congress that’s against him and some judges, etc. If he didn’t have them working against him, he could accomplish even more. It’s a miracle he’s been able to do what he’s done, given resistance to a president like probably none other in history…at least modern history.

However, presidents aren’t as important to the markets as the Fed is. And the Fed can’t, and never has been able to, prevent bear markets.

We’re in a bubble. That bubble will pop, no matter who’s in office. And it won’t be Trump’s fault if it happens on his watch. It would pop under whoever is president at that time. It’s 2000 all over again. The easiest way the bubble can be seen is in the NASDAQ. The risks are insane. The valuations are insane. Every bubble finds its pin that pops it. It always happens that way. There hasn’t been one exception in history.

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