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AvatarMark Monteleone
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Terrific answer Sean, and I totally agree (after you said it lol) I am in very good position to buy down, if in fact that happens.

The thing that’s weirding me out a bit is, and this is likely due to me being novice, is the Trump factor. What I mean by that, is in such a bull market, we are all looking to buy when there is a discount. And with the way that Trumps amazing policies keep moving market up (or at least sustain it) it make me wonder if he has literally changed the game. I mean, we all were under the impression the market does “such and such” as the money was exiting to China. But now that trade deals and manufacturing if coming back, I wonder if our metrics need to change too? I mean, he has fundamentally changed the authority of the FED and how its now managed by Treasury, and again the Trade deals…

Just a rainy slow day and thinking too much, and you don’t have to reply, your previous answer was terrific.