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Awesome, just awesome, that your training allowed me to intuitively see that in about 5 seconds. Also, your faith is pretty good to hear too ūüôā Amen, brother. I did not mean to offend anyone. I was thinking very myopically of my early days of faith, when I would ‘pray’ by bargaining with God about if You give me this I’ll do this. It took me years to truly begin to appreciate the sacrifice of His son for my salvation, and try to live that and learn it more and more, to give because I am humbled and grateful instead of something else. I absolutely agree, prospering in the Lord is far beyond anything my tiny mind can imagine, and is good and right and The Way. Thank you for that reminder. It’s awesome to be reminded of that along with the teachings which make me feel not a bit of worry with the market down close to 3% right now.