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Quick update to this. My wife was leaving Dunkin’ Brands, where she had worked in HR for 8 years. We sold her stock original stock options, which ended up capturing around 140% profit, and her stock awards which had appreciated around 40%. The news over the weekend of Dunkin’ Brands in talks to be sold and taken private means she’s missing out on an additional 15-20%, but her old HR department will likely be folded into Inspire Brands, so we’re not sweating that extra cream. The providence of God got her out seemingly at the perfect time. Her first day with Chewy.com is today. Over the weekend her boss called her and told her she is not expected to be available off hours/weekends. They do not expect her to use her personal phone for that and she does not get a company phone. She’s been on call on nights/weekends/vacations with Dunkin for years and this all comes with a 30% raise. I am so grateful for this Forum and so grateful for the Grace of Jesus who has been and will continue to be with all of us as we navigate the market, Covid, the election and everything else that comes our way.

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