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Christiaan VlasblomChristiaan Vlasblom
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I like your new microphone. Please keep it!

It has much more resolution by producing high frequencies (treble) much better. That makes speech easier to listen too.

Your new mic is so good that I had to improve my weakest link. Instead of you sounding from the bottom of my laptop, I connected a recently received present, being a Sonos Move speaker with Bluetooth to my laptop. (For those not familiar with Sonos, it is the best HiFi speaker infrastructure for your home on the market right now, I think.)

The overall experience of your videos with Full HD 720p video and HiFi audio with this new mic is the best I have seen, and enables very easy, more relaxed listening.

P.s. Sound is now so good, and easy listening, that I play your videos on 1.25x playback speed…. ūüôā