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I’d suggest the oil positions found in our Logical Investor portfolio. You can find the portfolio at the bottom of each monthly newsletter in the Members Area. Here’s the latest one: https://logicalinvestor.net/members-only/monthly-members-downloads/the-logical-investor-newsletter-september-2020/

In that portfolio, we have an ETF, ticker symbol XOP (which is a basket of oil stocks) and ticker symbol E, for a company called Eni.

The sells vary on levels of fundamental valuations or major technical resistances coming up on weekly charts, etc.

Before investing in any of our stocks, I’d encourage you to view this full video where I talk about my complete investing system including the very important section on how you allocate your money among our stock picks. https://logicalinvestor.net/members-only/my-complete-investing-system-how-to-allocate-your-money/