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Yeah, many people have never been taught a way of measuring risks by assessing the distance from major moving averages. One caution. Buying a put after a rally higher in a downtrend is more favorable than buying a put after a rally higher in an overall uptrend.

But yes, most newsletters are momentum-driven, story-driven, etc. Ours is the complete opposite of that. I can’t find anything like it in the entire industry. The industry will tell you that a newsletter like mine can’t happen (can’t be successful) because there has to be a story that pulls on people’s fears or greed and that investors won’t be patient enough for non-momentum type investing.

What we do isn’t sexy, admittedly. But what we do is pick stocks like pros/institutions pick stocks. That’s what separates us out from most all other financial newsletters. And most others won’t glorify God along the way either. I’m so glad we have what we have here. What we have here is what I’ve had in my heart to be working towards, my entire newsletter writing career. It’s very genuine. Very unbiased and it’s for the subscriber first, not for the subscription sale first.

They say in newsletter writing that you have to major on the “letter” part of it and less on the “news” part of it. They say it’s the stories that drive subscription sales and retention of those sales. So that’s why they spend their time telling you about “the next Apple”, etc. The focus is on stories and subscription sales rather than the risks taken on by their subscriber-base. We do it differently here.

Glad you’ve had success fading the other newsletter buy alerts. ha-ha.