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You’re welcome. With stocks, those huge companies will find a way to make money, even if its only through their online channels. With my vacation property, people have to have the right to travel within the state and from other states to go to a physical property. If people are left alone to do what they want to do, without a government telling them they can’t, then I know it’s a no-brainer for me to buy there. But I do want to see how this turns out first.

With stocks, we’re diverse, with large companies and that can transact online and much of the time deal in things we “have to have” in life or people either “want to have/use” badly.

With a rental property, all of those eggs are in the one basket in one state/city/property. But I’ve got faith in it as long as they don’t shut the country down. So, I’ll wait to see how that goes. Ideally, we hope that some of our positions will go down so that we can get all of our averagings in so that as they recover, we make an even larger % gain in the end.

But yes, I could understand the initial reservations with taking any new steps like that.