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Thank you, boys. Sean, it is always a pleasure to share our experiences. Scott, fortunately, during the March crash, she was in a market simulation game in her economics class. I had told her we’d reward her if she chose to learn Sean’s method and invest his way during the simulation even if she didn’t win (highest return) the game: I knew the small game window rewarded traders rather than investors. Every one of her classmates chose at least one or more FANG darlings, so they crashed hard then. She didn’t win the game, but she saw the value of the 3-tranche averaging down (not having to trend super high before being profitable) even in that short time.

After having her own (real) account, she is even more of a believer. She’s a chess player, so she always has the long game in mind, not only in chess but in investing and life in general. She has those qualities (logical, methodical, calm–obviously, from my husband!) that naturally align best with Sean’s system.