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Christiaan VlasblomChristiaan Vlasblom
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Thanks, I tried that but in the online account process it stops and I need to call them for all kinds of verifications. I assume related to their UK presence. All assets need to shift somewhere else now because of Brexit. And if that all would go well I still need to wait months/year on Think or Swim platform worst case.

Some background:
My main reason to go to Ameritrade, is their Think or Swim platform, which has been mentioned multiple times on this forum as the best defacto standard there is. Second reason is reducing the risk of having one broker, currently I am with Interactive Brokers. Both financial risk, max. 250k$ per broker guaranteed, and operational risk, if one is down, the other is hopefully not is my reason for a second broker.

So I will keep closely monitoring their merger strategy and jump on the train if they enable European customers on their Think or Swim platform, hopefully somewhere next year. Thanks for the updates on this merger. I will give them a hint of my wish/need and let you know what their reaction is.