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Yep, the Bible cautions about “get-rich-quick” even though I know people in congregations all over the place that either don’t know that or ignore it and they pay the penalty for it through massive financial losses.

I was at a campfire this weekend with some godly guys that go to some great churches here in the Dallas area: Pastor Keith Craft Elevate Life Church (where I attend and serve), Robert Morris’ Gateway church, etc.

One guy blew his mortgage down-payment money by day-trading options and lost it in one day. Why? His personal greed was trying to “get-rich-quick”.

Yet the Bible talks about money coming over time.

The Bible says “you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free”. However, it’s only the truth that you KNOW and the truth of the Word that you PUT INTO ACTION. This guy didn’t do that. Now…again, no condemnation because anyone could have done that and gotten caught up if they allowed themselves. And many people fall short in many different ways.

But you’ll notice that we invest over time. We don’t invest on margin. We diversify among different sectors/industries/countries, etc. You’ll see my encourage a more conservative path rather than an edgy, aggressive path. Why? Those that make their money “over time” tend to do well and those that swing for the fences tend to get wiped out.

You’ll also find that when risks are high in markets, we hold lots of cash. When risks are high in markets, most people are “elated” and can’t invest enough of their capital. That’s unwise.

So, you’ll find that I instruct you in a very Biblical balance as it concerns investing, personal finances, etc. Even my system and its allocation strategy is a very conservative way to invest long-term.

Also, the Bible is clear that it’s for prosperity and that God even made a number of people wealthy. However, what He’s not for is us making wealth accumulation our God. How do we ensure we don’t do that? We honor God with the first 10th of our gross income and we give offerings. That helps to break the back of greed over us and it is a constant reminder that God is our source and provider and not solely ourselves or our job/boss, etc. It’s an act of honor and humility and it shows that God is God over our wallet/money and not just over our soul. Many people haven’t submitted their wallet under God…only their eternal soul. But if I can’t trust my God with paper money, how can I trust him with my eternal soul, which is far more valuable? You’ll find that as you give tithes and offerings and steward your personal finances and investments well, that it gives you confidence to ask more from God, in faith, because you’ve stewarded well what you now have.