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Sean HymanSean Hyman
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For starters, I’m sorry to hear about your dad. But I’m glad you had him with you for so long. Also, he held a rock-solid company fundamentally. So, good for him (and now good for you). The stock is not overvalued relative to its earnings or book value. HOWEVER, I don’t think its going to be immune to the stock market sell-off. It hasn’t been immune to it in the past.

So I think it’s likely that one of these upper two scenarios unfolds, with the lowest one being possible but not nearly as likely as the top two.

If you can stomach the correction and recovery, then you could just hang onto it. If not, then you could always sell and buy back in on a huge dip lower. Keep in mind it doesn’t “have to” dip like I think. I just believe it’s highly likely given the state of the overall market AND the signs I’m seeing (that I’ve pointed out) on the weekly chart of BRKB too.

Additionally, short-term, if Warren Buffett or Charlie Munger dies, then that could temporarily rattle the stock but ultimately shouldn’t take it off course. They’ve got smart, competent guys coming up behind them and making some investment decisions. Now, I do believe those new guys are a lot more risky/aggressive than Buffett.

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