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AvatarPat Calhoun
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Hello Sean,

I was watching the video and listening to your explanation of tranch purchasing. I thought I would add a point to the conversation. I have had the experience of purchasing a stock in the 3 tranches as it went down and then selling it at a 20% profit before it got to my original purchase price. You still had it in the newsletter as a purchase so, I keep my eye on the stock.

IF that stock should drop 10% or more from my profitable sale, I will buy back in. This has worked well on several stocks. I don’t add this to brag but to simply give an example to the new folks how the branch system works.

Before buying back in, I always watch your video to see if you’re still bullish on the stock, make sure it is still at or below your recommended purchase price, and make sure it is at least 10% below my profit taking point. It does require keeping a watch list on the sale price versus actual price but that is pretty easy to do.

Hope this helps!