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Sean HymanSean Hyman
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Shane, that’s really where my 30+ years of watching markets comes in.

But here are some generalities: Our averaging downs are spaced out % wise, far apart, and typically at long-term support areas on long-term weekly, 10-year charts.

Sells generally happen one of a few ways: When we’re up a certain large % in a short amount of time or after we’re towards the end of a certain wave (3 or 5) or near a long-term resistance of once the P/E gets too high or the price too far stretched away from major moving averages, especially on weekly charts.

It’s part science and part art, so to speak. The “science” part aka the numbers/data is what it is and is easier for anyone to grasp over time. The “art” part comes from tons of years of experience. That one almost never comes quickly, but both are what you’re essentially purchasing when you purchase the newsletter. You’re really purchasing my experience level/tenure in the market over just paying for a newsletter. Over time, the more you hear my thinking through the years, it will rub off on you, much quicker than it did for me…having to acquire it all the hard way over time. That’s the good part.

There are some subscribers that have been with me 5-10 years that can almost tell you what I’ll say before I say it just because they’ve been around so long, hearing how I think and measure/evaluate things. You’ll get that too, over time. I’m glad you’re here with us.