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As I noted, I bought ALL of my first half BEFORE I had subscribed to UWR. (before I had the benefit of your wisdom) Part of it was bought in 12 and 13 at an average cost of 24.7. The rest was bought in February of 2014 at 19.60. That made my average cost for the first half 22.66. It was not until April of 2014 that I subscribed to UWR. Then in July of 18, I doubled my position at 15.06. So if I had sold off half and captured the profit on my last tranche, my net cost would rise back to 24.70, and I’d be under water. You have always warned us not to do that. And if I had sold the first half, bought before I knew you, say at 26, (it only hit 27 one day) my profit would have been about 14%. As you’ve said many times, everyone’s situation is a little different. I strongly suspect that you ARE right, and that SLV will get to at least 32, which would give me an overall profit of over 60%! But at 32, I still may only sell half, because the gold/silver ratio is still way too high.