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@Perana73 – thank you for asking on page 5 of this feed! Applied for over 100 positions (it’s a full-time job), so far over 80 rejections. Currently, I have 3 positions I am awaiting for possible 2nd interviews. In any of the 3 positions, if I… 1.)get the 2nd interview and pass, I then 2.)move to a next stage of 4-6 additional interviews, typically all done in a single day format. In any of these 3 possibilities, I am looking at 4-6 weeks yet before any possible job offer. The other possibility is that I don’t move forward on any of the 3, while I continue the search on the next (100?).

I have absolute unequivocal trust in God’s plan for me; prayers are truly appreciated and so very powerful! Thank you for asking and giving me ‘real estate’ on your prayer list! By itself, that has ‘wave 5’ infinite momentum up for all of us. Just seeing that message gives me hope for today – it’s another gift from God! Many Blessing to you, yours, and our very powerful prayerful community here under. (thanks Sean too)