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Yes, I enjoyed the vacation. It was the first I’d taken in 7 years. I was out of balance in that area and I’ll do better about taking them more often, going forward.

It did rain a lot in the Destin area while we were there, due to the hurricane being not far off from us. However, we did get 2 beach days out of the 7 and got to go on a dolphin cruise, etc.

We got to do a pretty good bit, indoors and our balcony was covered well to where we were able to sit out there every day or night, no matter what the weather was doing. Had a blast.

Hurricane damage came within 10 miles of us. We got off a lot better in Destin than did Pensacola, Mobile, etc. The electricity in many parts of Destin was lost overnight but our place never lost electricity. So, we’re thankful it ended up being as good for us as it could have been, given the circumstances.