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Awesome. Congrats. Glad you did so well on it. Much of the world listened to the financial media rant about “retail is dead”, a “retail-apocalypse”, etc. and totally missed opportunities in it. It’s why the financial media will never be a “buy” or “sell” signal for us. They’re reporters, not market pros. They report what “is” happening or what “has” happened. But they have no idea what’s coming in the future. Yet, it’s the job of the investing pro to think about what’s likely in the future and invest today accordingly. Fundamental strength and fundamental cheapness both give us our main basis for what’s likely in the future. In addition to that, long-term technicals on charts and extreme negative sentiment/pessimism gives us an edge that we could be capturing value that others are missing due to emotion-led selling providing great opportunities to those who still keep their heads about them.

That’s one of the keys. Not listening to the financial media for a sense of direction and keeping your head about you when others lose theirs. The masses focus only on what’s presently happening with the price on the chart. We focus on the actual fundamental condition and valuation of the actual company itself, which gives us our confidence in what its future likely holds. Big difference. It’s the difference in institutional/professional level thinking vs retail/regular investor thinking.