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Love that post, Jim! I find it odd that my emotions adjusted faster to the idea of accepting the downtrends than I have to the uptrends (even after holding RIG, DO, etc. for years). When things start trending up, I get super antsy about capturing profits which results in a (possibly) premature exit. I am just so happy to be earning anything above 1) the .1% the bank offers, 2) 4-5%, which is usually a conservative benchmark, and 3) 8% which Suze Orman (yes, I used to watch her 100 years ago, to my shame) always recommended. So when I see 10%, my heart skips a beat. I understand getting out at that point when we were able to get in at much lower average-down levels but seeing SLV, PPLT, and SLX all well above that sends me back to working on becoming more logical (looking at resistance bands, trusting the system, being patient for a call signal, etc.) till the panic passes.

Just a thought on this lovely Saturday morning. Blessings, all, and welcome home to your own bed, Sean! p.s. be sure to help your bride with the laundry ūüėČ