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AvatarDaniel Labang
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Warren Buffett and early Investors Made the most right after market open!!
Snowflakes ❄️ Stocks was Already Pumped
Yesterday and today went down huge.

Dear (FuseDue) Well Said. Thanks for Reminder
As a New Investor or trying to invest in
I do not know anything about stocks
However I have heard so many things
Buy this buy that. Such and such
I must Confess I’m so Glad that I joined Sean’s Logicalinvestor
Sean has Saves me tons of money
I was told that Tech stocks was a Good to invest so I jump on the wagon.. yes make some money 💵
But suddenly Downfall was approaching that I don’t know..
After I joined Sean and asked what’s Amazon’s steak?
His Response Huge Risk – he’s right Indeed
It went down Crzy after days even today too’
I was lucky enough to pull out my fund before it Sink 😂
So thank you Sean for Your Advice!!