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@Daniel … I have noticed a number of folks when they first subscribe trying to mold Sean’s system to their own expectations. What do I mean?

* We don’t expect quick wins (they happen, but they are the exception, not the norm)
* We don’t chase “hot” stocks.
* We don’t emphasize one day returns

Now, don’t get me wrong, quick wins, hot stocks, and one day returns are exciting, thrilling, adrenaline pumping … they are EMOTIONAL.

Sure, it’s possible to make money following those approaches. It’s also possible to lose money the same way. And, most importantly, it’s not Sean’s way.

The Logical Investor seeks to remove emotion from investing decisions. Sean’s approach and philosophy are well articulated in the Investing Basics section. I can’t encourage you (or any other new subscriber) strongly enough to spend the time to understand and internalize the material there. After that, hang on. It literally takes YEARS to retrain your brain. YEARS.

Also, I’d encourage investing your time in learning to use the tools at your disposal. For example, searching this site for “IPO” turned up this post with a priceless quote:

We’re not traders nor gamblers. Our capital is precious to us. Therefore, we don’t invest in start-ups, newer IPOs, money-losing companies, overvalued companies, companies that are weak fundamentally, etc. And it doesn’t mean we’ll win on every stock, because we won’t. But over time, you’ll find that our hit ratio is good because of the way I pick stocks.

We will not make the most money of any investor. We will not have the most exciting portfolio of any investor. But we will sleep well at night, knowing the fundamental soundness of our picks, and trusting in Sean’s experience to guide us. Any time you find yourself pushing back, I will bet dollars to donuts that it’s an emotional response. Remember, retraining your brain takes YEARS.

This is not greed. This is not get rich quick. It’s Logical Investing.