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AvatarDaniel Labang
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Thank you Mr. Sean wish I have sign up for Earlier. Now I’m in a Messed 🤦🏻‍♂️
I’m deeply regret it brought Amazon after I sold Tesla. Wish I knew fast so I won’t buy amazon then save cash for other

Honestly I don’t know what to do Right I’m panicking..
if I sell now will make me lose thousands of dollars
Hold will be still seeing declines of my $$ I don’t know when will be the recovery!

These past days I have learned lessons – can’t move or trade without having backed Data or advisory. 😞

—> What would you Do in my Situation?
sell it? – take a loses ?
Or hold it til bounces back? Or wait for till come up to where the price paid for?

I appreciate your advice
Making move, sell or hold will be & it’s my Final decision no question ask.
And there will be No complaint make base on your advice.
But I need the Solution on what to Do right now for my Portfolio
pls Help
thank You