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Amazon is in a bubble. Bubbles pop. They go up fast and they go down fast. There are numerous signs that Amazon was a huge risk. The biggest of them being that the price was a mile away/above its 200-week moving average (emphasized by the red arrows). It could easily fall to that moving average over time, and then some.

Additionally, the RSI, MACD, MACD Histogram, selling volume spikes, etc. all point to potential danger.

So, you’re in one of the most over-hyped, overvalued stocks in the entire stock market right now. And that carries huge risks. But as far as what you do with it, that’s up to you. But just know, you’re in something with insane risks.

Any popular, overly loved stock that seemingly “everyone” likes, is almost guaranteed to NOT be trading at a value and therefore is almost always by default minimally fairly valued, or in this case grossly overvalued.

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