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Addressed that in yesterday’s video. No one will know how far/how bad the bear market gets. We know they historically drop 30-60%. There has been one or two occasions where it was worse. With the speculation being even more rampant this time than some bear markets, I don’t anticipate it being only a 30% drop off of its highs.

Therefore, one could put in an order for 40% off of the market highs. 50% and 60%. Or 30%, 40%, 50%, etc. The point is just to buy after massive market selloffs and to average down. No one will catch the bottom. But rather, value can be captured.

Typically, once the S&P 500 starts to trade back up above its 50-week moving average again (after the previous long decline) then the bottom is usually in. The longer you sit on your hands, likely the better.

Be sure to check out yesterday’s video where I addressed all of that. You’ll usually find that I’ve addressed many questions even before they arise, in those videos.