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Sean HymanSean Hyman
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Good job, Mangojango.

Karuna, that comment wasn’t for you. It was for Mangojango who said he was up over 20% today on UVXY.

Trying to catch a top is very risky and since you’ll almost never capture a top, it means by default that you’ll have to ride out huge floating losses before it turns in your favor.

So I can’t tell you whether to average down or not because it’s still a “top calling” risky type of move. But for a short fund, when the market truly is in its next stage of bear market, it should be no problem for it to regain your 50% back. Maybe today is the start of that…maybe not. One day doesn’t tell us for sure. But the day to worry about that is not when the NASDAQ is down 5%. That should be a good day for you.