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There have been plenty of testimonials already, but I’ll add mine. I was hesitant to try this because of a reference to “setting up your charts” in the thread. I don’t chart on my own – only follow along in Sean’s videos – so wasn’t sure if I could do it. But I bought the report, emailed Sean with two questions I was a bit fuzzy on, and started researching. I bought the report on Thursday, entered my first trade on Friday, captured the dividend on Tuesday and sold today (Wednesday). Dividend captured was $44 and slight stock appreciation was $30. So paid for 3/4 of the report price in one trade. One lesson learned – the stock spiked on the day I bought it and I was up around $110, but I wanted to be greedy and hang on for the dividend. I won’t do that in the future. If it goes up more than the dividend amount, I’ll exit, as I’ve seen Sean mention at least twice on the thread. I encourage others who are timid, like I was. Sean lays it out very, very clearly and he answered my email question really quickly. Thank you Sean. I’ve been with you seven years now, and you continue to impart so much – both financial knowledge and Biblical principles. I am grateful for you.