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Sean HymanSean Hyman
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FusionDude, let me put it this way:

Let’s say you invested $5,000 originally in the stock.

The stock price times your number of shares, let’s say is $4,200. But let’s say you’ve taken in $900 in dividends over that time. Then your total gain (stock value + dividends) would be ABOVE your original investment amount, in this fictitious example.

Who cares if your broker records it at a loss, if you made money in the overall investment.

Once you reach that red resistance zone, if you don’t exit, you’ll risk the potential for a good-sized pullback that keeps you in the investment longer just to get back to the same levels again later on, at the red resistance zone.

Also, while I encouraged averaging down in UWR, for some reason it didn’t stick as well as in LI. Therefore, going forward, your average position won’t likely take you as long to profit because you all realize that averaging down can greatly shorten your time in an investment.