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Leslie HarvathLeslie Harvath
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I’ve been putting off dipping my toe in the dividend-capturing-water because my mind and time have been so preoccupied with all things homeschool since the report came out. I was concerned I’d need better focus & more time to really understand and implement it.

I’ve never been happier to say, “I was so wrong.”

Yes, I was called away 52 times; yes, I had to re-read some stuff a few times over; yes, I had to email Sean to make sure I was understanding a couple of things properly; but, yay, after one day of normal life, I was able to sort everything out in my mind and set everything up. I’m in one position for sure and have limit buys waiting in 2 others, and a couple more on a watchlist to see what they do before the needed action dates.

I can’t commend Sean enough for making it SO CLEAR when a stock is NOT a wise choice. After looking at 4 or 5 stocks using his easy-to-follow criteria, I was just whizzing through the data analysis with ease and confidence. So, for those who have felt the same way I did: Come on in, the water is fine!