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Accounting for dividends, if you did no averaging downs…your buy in the $19’s is now either in the $10’s or $11’s. Here’s the zone we bought it on the chart (green arrow). That means, somewhere in this yellow box is where you bought it. Therefore, if you never averaged down, you’ve got to be very close to your breakeven soon.

If you averaged down any at all, you should already be amazingly profitable.

Let me clarify what I said above in the last post. MBT accounts for the effect of those dividends and I believe its _MBT that doesn’t account for them.

Either way, the yellow boxed area is the zone of your breakeven due to where we bought it. It’s says $10s-$11’s on the date where we bought it because the $19ish breakeven is taken down lower due to the effects of the dividends through the years. That’s one of the beauties of dividends, especially high dividend yields.

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