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Thanks for responding.

I would never disrespect your time without having 1st listened to your latest video, read your newsletter or read through the latest Forum. Because of my ignorance, not understanding or wanting confirmation, I may ask you a question that you think you have already answered.

Specifically, when I listened to your last video (8/20/20, I usually listen on the day you release the video) you were not sure if E or XOP had reached the bottom of W2.

To a newbie like me, it appeared that they had both reached the bottom of their W2 the next day on 8/21/20. I did not know if this was a correct assumption on my part or if the affects of the hurricane would affect the price any more that a day or two.

I needed to sell a position & that’s why I was asking more of a short term question.

As always; thank you for your time.