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HAHA, was a bad choice of words!!
That said, the learning curve is continuous. The smartest and harder thing I’ve done in the past year is planning 3 LOTs for every planned position and not spending the other 2 lots until/if lower traunches are hit, and/or resetting those funds for a new buy if the initial buy position goes up, and you put a sell order notification. Plus keeping cash set aside in market bubble periods as you recommend. It keeps everything safe and typically profitable with cash in the account always on the ready. Just happen I bought LPL deep beyond those 3 traunches, still a fundamental pick on the list, as it swooped down to $4. The risk is that buy at $4, (now with a 57% locked gain), but had the cash on the sideline for that play. The risk of doing so is beautifully reduced when following your model.