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The question was because of an adult son. Approximately 6 years ago he used some inheritance money to purchase several gold coins. Roughly a couple of years ago he found the best job that he had ever had. It used both his hands and brain. At one point he was appointed Department Manager. Several months ago the business had to close. He has filed for but never received any unemployment checks. He had been told they should be here. He is still waiting.

I have been told there was a recent story in an area newspaper how some 25,000 Kansans have never received unemployment checks. As a consequence many have lost cars, homes, etc. We have a Democratic Governor.

My son is not in that situation. He had talked about setting 10% of his income aside for savings. Also he some income from partial interest in inherited pastureland which is rented. He also had the $1200 stimulus check. I was wanting to encourage him to sell at least some of the coins. Also I will help other ways also.

Hope this helps to explain the background. I had sold my gold coins sometime ago when the topic came up on the forum.