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Christiaan VlasblomChristiaan Vlasblom
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You remember that discussion about US GDP plunge of 33% going from Q1 2020 into Q2 2020 which I found too crazy to believe?

When going to the source I calculated it to be -9.5% for Q2 and -1.26 for Q1 for the US.

I saw your commander in chief talk this attached slide in his press conference yesterday and that sounded a bit different than the main stream media plunge of 33%.

Trump knows his math a bit better, he got it exactly right on 100-(100-1.26)*(100-9.5) = -10.6% over the first 2 quarters of 2020. I trust his math better than the media panic of -33%….

You also see that the US did not do bad at all compared to others countries, in fact almost the best!

Almost because he left out Sweden which had even 0.1% growth in Q1 and -8.6% contraction over Q2…. reason there was almost no lockdown in Sweden but still hurt significantly as they do a lot of export to other EU countries which had all tight lockdowns like US.

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